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Moving On

Willie Smith looked at the computer screen and smiled. He was quite pleased with the balance in his money market account. But it did remind him of a couple of points. First was where he could invest it. Second, and more urgent, was how the Valley was going to react …


I Phillip Harrison had met the priest only once, briefly. That accidental meeting resulted in some very positive results; well, from Phillip’s perspective it was positive. It began a series of events that produced the box of papers he was carrying. He stepped up on the porch of the little …

Rain Dance

(About 1630 words/ 7-10 minutes read time.) Inspiration is an odd thing: I was reading the reviews online for a pair of shoes and found a review written by a mom who had bought the shoes for her son. She was praising the shoes for being waterproof sneakers. I wondered what her son thought.