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August Heat

August Heat

{Imagine someone like the Shepherd Boy, David, or like Daniel just after he’s transported to Babylon. Imagine them in a modern setting.}

Button fly jeans commando style;
T-shirt with stretchy nylon pile;
Suede skate shoes of black and white;
Cell phone and wallet in case water tight:
A Summer adventure at the lake in the park.

Sweltering heat from a cloudless sky
Radiates up from grass parched dry.
Park visitors bathe in Sun’s hot glow,
Longing for cool January snow.
The cool lake shimmers in muggy August air.

Playing tag with waves along the lake shore
Feeling life’s Joy and he’d never want more.
Steps on a wave splashing water, it’s grand.
Wavelets erase skate shoe tracks in sand;
Water too shallow to soak through the laces.

Into the lake a brook struggles to flow;
He steps and mud squishes up over his toe.
Wades out a bit to wash off the slop;
Water seeps in from over the top
Cooling his feet with socks now squishy.

Another step and the die is cast
Water into his shoes pours fast.
The lake is soaking the hem of his jeans
A misstep and he slightly careens
Steps back into mud that covers his ankle.

Slowly he wades in to deeper water
Water soaked denim turns several shades darker
Deep water now soaks his knees and his thighs;
Relief from the heat causes pleasurable sighs.
Swimmers nearby splash water and laugh.

Waves lap at the buttons of his fly
Producing a giggly excited cry.
Another small step, now the wave ripples
Up over his navel and tickles his nipples.
He resists the urge to dive in and swim.

Floats on his back, watches his shoes,
Using his arms as paddles to cruise.
Jeans and shirt stick tight to his skin;
Feeling his teenage male freedom he grins,
The Joy of his Creator filling his soul.

Eventually, on sun drenched rock he rests
Planning tomorrow’s great conquests.
Jumps into the lake, he’s thirsty
Seeking drink and a bar from Hershey
He wades, splashing through the shallows.

Wet skate shoe tracks on concrete paving;
Concession stand abates his craving.
Cola and chocolate quench his needs;
Chats with girls walking dogs on leads.
People are friendly and wet clothes feel nice.

Overhead clouds pile up; the crowd grumbles
Loud thunder in the distance rumbles.
The breeze picks up, waves splash the quay,
Lightning flashes are far away.
Hot August air transformed by thunder.

In the cool rain he swaggers home,
Praising God in spontaneous song.
Stomping puddles water sprays;
Thanking God for rainy days
And the Joy of a nice, hot bath.

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