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‘Tis The Season To Vote…!

‘Tis The Season To Vote…!

Da Da-Da Da Da  ---
Da Da-Da Da Da ---
(Blues ‘riff’ like the Piano Riff in an iPhone)

I was born on the wrong---
Wrong side of the tracks,
With holes in my shirt
And mud on my slacks.
The rich treat me wrong
The poor treat me worse
Shun me like I was---
Yeah—Like I was a curse.
But I’m gonna go down
‘Cause I have a – Hope
And I got a right—Yeah--
And I’m gonna Vote!

The rest of the year
It’s me they ignore,
Don’t care what I want
Or who I’d vote for.
When Election Day comes
The ‘Cans and the ‘Crats
Come grovelling to me
Like a pack of starved rats!
They stuff my mailbox
With the flesh of dead trees
And fill my TV
With stretched truth and pleas.
They truly don’t like
That we have a say
And that we’re going to get
To run things our way!

We do it with votes
Not arrows and spears--
The Rev-o-lution
Happens every two years!

The Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull
From Wikipedia Commons

Clip Art of Election Voting Box from



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