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Staley’s Store Introduction

Staley’s Store Introduction

This originally was to be a series of short stories that revolved around a place called “Staley’s Store”. Every story was to be independent, linked only by the fact that each story had at least one scene at Staley’s Store. Somewhere along the way, a plot developed. While you can read this series in any order your reading might flow better if you read them in menu sequence. The “Contents” menu in the right sidebar and the “Main Menu” at the top of the pages have the stories in order. The “Next Post” link at the end of each story will take you to the next story or essay posted. Not always the next story in the Staley’s Store series. Thank WordPress for that. 🙂 

A few stories are almost like a “GIF” photo. Just a few moments to paint a scene. There might not even be a dramatic moment or climax. It is a scene which is connected to past and future scenes/stories. Eventually you may see why I included that story. But if you never do, I hope you can enjoy the picture it paints.

In order to keep my stories straight, I have drawn some maps of The Village of Beaver Ridge. Here’s the link to the Map Page FYI: I drew the map to keep me straight. I make it available in case you prefer maps. However, I am not a cartographer. It may be difficult to decipher all the color coded lines, even with the little chart in the top corner. Also, the “ridge lines” mark the top or highest places. The land slopes down from those lines.


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