Staley’s Store Introduction

This originally was to be a series of short stories that revolved around a place called “Staley’s Store”. Every story was to be independent, linked only by the fact that each story had at least one scene at Staley’s Store. Somewhere along the way, a plot developed. I am trying to keep the stories self-contained: so you can read any story without having read the previous ones. Still, your reading might flow better if you read them in menu sequence.

A few stories are almost like a “GIF” photo. Just a few moments to paint a scene. There might not even be a dramatic moment or climax. It is a scene which is connected to past and future scenes/stories. Eventually you may see why I included that story. But if you never do, I hope you can enjoy the picture it paints.

In order to keep my stories straight, I have drawn some maps of The Village of Beaver Ridge. If you want to access these maps they are placed in online/cloud storage. Click on the map link. Then click on “Open“.  LINK TO Map of The Village of Beaver Ridge

FYI: There’s a color code in the upper left corner of the Main Map. I really drew the map to keep me straight. I make it available in case you prefer maps.

I am enjoying telling these tales. Kermit has become a most interesting character. I also like Chaz. I hope you enjoy reading them. 

13 Sept 2020 Update: “A Frog Finds His Pond” was just published. After re-reading some of the earlier stories, I need to update the maps. I will be working on the next story in this series. The only thing I know about it is that Kermit does become a chaplain for the Forest Service and I think the politics of the Valley are going to get “interesting”…

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