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Always Rejoicing

The Flaw In The Universe

Ever wonder why things never seem “right”? Ever think the universe is somehow not quite the organized, neatly working system that Science and Religion claim? Ever feel like life is futile?
Science seems to be telling us that chaos is normal. Religion tells us that the gods can help us. Both seem wrong. How do we make sense of it all?
About 2560 words

Moving On

Willie Smith looked at the computer screen and smiled. He was quite pleased with the balance in his money market account. But it did remind him of a couple of points. First was where he could invest it. Second, and more urgent, was how the Valley was going to react …

After You’ve Read The Inheritance Cycle

I truly love Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I enjoy “Harry Potter”. “The Song of Albion” is fantastic. Still, when I started to write about a fantasy novel, I picked “The Inheritance Cycle” by Paolini. This review is full of spoilers and it probably won’t make much sense if you have not read the books. (About 1380 words/ 6-10 minutes read time.)