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After You’ve Read The Inheritance Cycle

I truly love Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I enjoy “Harry Potter”. “The Song of Albion” is fantastic. Still, when I started to write about a fantasy novel, I picked “The Inheritance Cycle” by Paolini. This review is full of spoilers and it probably won’t make much sense if you have not read the books. (About 1380 words/ 6-10 minutes read time.)

The Inheritance Cycle

(About 1650 words/ 7 – 10 minutes read time.) If you have not read “The Inheritance Cycle” by Paolini this review will, I hope, help you decide to do that. I’ve avoided spoilers here. Instead of revealing the plot, I decided to discuss the deeper levels of the story. This is not a children’s fairy tale. Keep reading and see why.