The Fifth Commandment

The story of King David is one of the great stories of history. This retelling is from the viewpoint of Prince Jonathan, the son of King Saul. It examines the relationship of Jonathan and his father, asking how to obey the 5th commandment when one’s father is not very honorable. I worked on this idea for decades, never getting the format to flow. The story began to work around 2010 and has been polished many times. I do hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

The Magic Fruit

We know this story–or we think we do. C. S. Lewis did a great job with “Perelandra”…but I wanted to look at the story from Adam’s viewpoint. I was surprised when I reread the story that God did not tell Eve to avoid the tree, He only told Adam. And, of course, the talking animals are my fantasy…but the Bible does tell us that the ‘snake’ did talk. I began writing this before 2010 and finished it in 2017. It should have nothing theological that is not orthodox. However, you should read it for entertainment. It is not scripture. As I say elsewhere, read it as historical fiction. Continue reading