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“Joy” is not “Happiness”. Joy is a state of being, happiness is an emotion. Through stories and essays and poetry this site hopes to point toward that state of being that is “JOY”. This site is not a typical “blog” but more of a collection, like a book. There’s a menu at the top and there’s Icons and Buttons below that highlight some of the stories and other writings.

This site is being remodeled. It’s about 95% complete. The stories, etc. are available. Menus and the ‘look’ may change a bit as things are tweaked. It should be ready around the first week of March 2021.

Always Rejoicing
Always Rejoicing
Short Stories
Short Stories
Fairy Tales Revisited
Fairy Tales Revisited
Biblical Stories
Biblical Stories

What Is Always Rejoicing?

So, what is Always Rejoicing?  Original stories…well, mostly original. You’ll find the “Three Little Pigs” here, but not the story you know. In my story, they are plumbers. You’ll find stories about a red car, a useless slave, a son whose father is an evil king, an ‘alternative’ poem, a different perspective on Christmas and other things that I have written over the years.

Pagans, I’m not going to force Christianity on you. Feel free to read the stories and essays posted here with complete confidence that you can, with diligence, maintain your pagan notions. However, if you do stumble into Truth and decide to seek Jesus, that’s a bonus for you! 🙂 

In addition to the stories, essays and poetry you’ll find here, there are two two “sibling sites”. Click on “MORE” in the menu. One, called Forever Stone, is a series of adventures into ways the various Denominations, the Church as a whole, can find unity. The other site is a Bible Study

Featured Stories

Shining the Spotlight on Some of My Favorite Stories.
The Fifth Commandment
The story of King David is one of the great stories of history. This retelling is from the viewpoint of Prince Jonathan, the son of King Saul. It examines the relationship of Jonathan and his father, asking how to obey the 5th commandment when one's father is not very honorable. I worked on this idea for decades, never getting the format to flow. The story began to work around 2010, taking the form you find here. I do hope you enjoy it.
Read More ... "The Fifth Commandment"
Henny Penny & Chicken Little
This is a parable about talking animals and self-reliance. It is a sad tale, but it needs to be told. Neither the original Chicken Little nor the original Henny Penny had happy endings. Not all parables have happy endings. But we can learn from them. Plus, it's not actually true, it's just a story, a parable.
Read More ... "Henny Penny & Chicken Little"
Seeing Red
A red car. A teenager. An old man. Not a formula for a pleasant Sunday drive in the country...
Read More ... "Seeing Red"
This "poem" might be best read out loud with a sense of urgency. (Parkour is a sport that uses the urban environment as an obstacle course.)
Read More ... "Alternity"
The Three Little Pigs
This is a different take on The Three Little Pigs. They're plumbers. The wolf is a banker. I do hope you enjoy this tale. I had a lot of fun writing it.
Read More ... "The Three Little Pigs"
A Stone Circle Story
Aidan took a deep breath and stepped into the stone circle. His grandparents had told him about stone circles. It was his Aunt Bridget who had told him about this one.../...he started to stand up. But he could not. His legs seemed to be asleep. They were not tingling. They did not feel funny. He just could not move them.
Read More ... "A Stone Circle Story"

Chewing The Cud

...or... Essays From A Different Drummer
Meditation: Philippians 2:5-11
This was written while studying Philippians. I wonder if it would be better if it were set to music?
Read More ... "Meditation: Philippians 2:5-11"
The Armor of God–A Morning Prayer with commentary.
My wife and I were first introduced to this prayer at a Walk to Emmaus Weekend. After pondering and prayer I modified the original, specifically for our personal use. It never occurred to me to share it, as I am a layperson and have no real theological training. It was when our church did a Bible Study on the Armor of God that I realized it might be good to share this prayer with them. However, I was reluctant because I had changed some things. I finally realized that the Lord wanted me to share this prayer, with my comments about each section. So here are my comments.
Read More ... "The Armor of God–A Morning Prayer with commentary."
Commercialized Christmas: It’s not what you think!
Every year, as soon as the stores begin to display Christmas themed products, some people begin to whine about how Christmas has been commercialized...Like many, I used to think we had let our sinful natures destroy this beautiful Holy Day. And then I complained to God about it...
Read More ... "Commercialized Christmas: It’s not what you think!"
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Why Always Rejoicing

Why “Always Rejoicing”? It’s because I struggle with St. Paul’s admonition to rejoice always. He said, (in effect) “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice.” There have been many times when I did not want to rejoice in anything. Especially God. Once I began to understand what St. Paul was actually talking about, I began to accept his admonition. And so I try to write things that are based on “Joy”.

Some of the items posted here are such that you may not see them as “joyful”. And, in the common, worldly sense of the word, that’s true. But “JOY” is not something that makes you laugh. This is not a comedy site. I do try to include as much humor as I can. So you will find some funny material. You may even find a bad pun. But that’s not “JOY”. Things that we view as “funny” vary with individuals and with culture. “JOY” is not an emotion. It is a spiritual state. It is that place where we feel Heaven. It’s what St. Paul meant when he told the Philippians to “rejoice in the Lord, always”. The items posted here should, in some way, point toward Heaven and Joy. Unsure? Questions? Please leave a comment. I’ll do my best to respond in a helpful manner.

The site is open for anyone to read. Comments are encouraged. However, to comment you must register. You need a User Name, Password and e-mail address. You are also welcome to respond to the comments of others. Please be respectful when you comment.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that almost everything posted here is fiction or my personal opinion. The illustrations are (as best as I can determine) public domain. I do my best to give proper credit. Please do likewise. I have based some stories on Biblical characters or events. These stories are fiction, or “historical fiction”. While I make every effort to reflect what the Bible says—to avoid heresy—I am using poetic license in order to tell the story. Enjoy the stories and other items I have written just as you enjoy Lord of the Rings or The Ten Commandments movie. If you do find spiritual advice in what I have written, please confirm that advice with Holy Scripture and your pastor.

Technical Stuff:

While much of the way this site works is “standard” for websites & blogs, there are some things specific to this website. I include these details in case you are not familiar with all the icons & website conventions. Also, the menu has some quirks. These details may help you.

The “Home Page” is this page (where you are now). Click on the Celtic Cross at the top of any page and you will return to the Home Page. There are icons and buttons on the Home Page that will take you to featured stories or useful pages.

On Larger Screens there is a menu at the top of every page. In addition, there’s a sidebar on the right that contains a “Contents” menu as well as a couple of useful “widgets”. Computers are not always perfect: Sometimes the menu at the top of the page expands outside of the screen. If this happens, made the window narrower, when the little ‘hamburger’ icon appears click on it and then on the tiny arrow next to the selection. Clicking on the words (selection) will take you to the “Cagegory” instead of expanding the menu.

On Small Screens (phones & tablets) there is the standard “hamburger” icon for the menu. You will need to tap the teeny-tiny arrow to get the menu to expand. Tapping directly on the Menu Item will take you to the “Category Page” for that category. Thus tapping on “Main Menu” will take you to the “Home Page”. Tapping on the tiny arrow will expand the menu. On small screens the sidebars are moved to the bottom of the page. This is standard for most websites.  

Everyone should find a list of recommended websites (links) and a Miscellaneous Menu in the Footer.

If you want to know where to start, try “Walking On Oil”. “The Three Little Pigs” is one of my favorite tales. Another good tale is “The Fifth Commandment”. The essay “Commercialized Christmas: It’s Not What You Think!” is also a good place to begin.

Rejoice Always!



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