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Welcome to AlwaysRejoicing. This site is “officially launched” as of 1 July 2019. So, it will most likely have a couple of ‘bugs’ in it. Please forgive me for them & also tell me about them in a comment. I will get them fixed as quickly as I can.

So,  what is Always Rejoicing? Mostly, it’s stories, essays and poems. Here you will find among the fairy tales and crazy opinion, I hope, a place with the sort of content that brings “JOY”.

This is not a comedy site. You may find some humor here. You may even find a bad pun. But that’s not “JOY”. Things that we view as “funny” vary with individuals and with culture. “JOY” is not an emotion. It is a spiritual state. It is that place where we feel Heaven. It’s what St. Paul meant when he told the Philippians to “rejoice in the Lord, always”.

Pagans, I’m not going to force Christianity on you. Feel free to read the stories and essays posted here with complete confidence that you can, with diligence, maintain your pagan notions. However, if you do stumble into Truth and decide to seek Jesus, that’s a bonus for you!

In addition to the stories, essays and poetry you’ll find here, there are two other parts to Always Rejoicing. The second part is called Forever Stone where you can find a discussion on the history and state of The Church. The Forever Stone site explores “Christian Unity” —that is, “…in one accord” as indicated by Acts 1:14;  2:1;  2:46;  4:24  &  5:12. Exploration is (usually) done through the device of an ‘adventure’; not necessarily a story, but some form of narrative. It is an exploration and therefore only the Holy Spirit knows where it will go. I can certainly tell you that it is going places I never expected.

  Third, there is a Bible Study. This is my effort to study the Bible. It is set up for others to read, with the idea that many will be new to Christianity and the Bible; but others will be used to studying the Bible. I hope it is useful to all who venture over there. The first study is Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Philippians is the main source of the Christian ideal to “rejoice always”. The second study is Jonah.

If you have a computer or large tablet:  to the left of this page is a box with links to these and other websites of interest. The “Menu” is at the top of the page. On phones, tablets and smaller screens the links & etc are found at the ‘bottom’ of the page. Also, there is a dark gray bar at the top of the page with the standard “menu” icon (three horizontal bars). Just tap the icon for the menu.

Comments are encouraged. You will have to register in order to post a comment here. That’s just to protect this site from “Agents of Chaos”.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that everything posted here is fiction or my personal opinion. Some of the stories published here are based on Biblical events and characters. These stories are fiction, or “historical fiction”. While I make every effort to reflect what the Bible says—to avoid heresy—I am using poetic license in order to tell the story. Enjoy the stories and other items I have written just as you enjoy the tales about the Three Pigs or Chicken Little. If you do find spiritual advice in them, please confirm that advice with Holy Scripture and, if needed, your pastor.

If you decide that you want to know more about Jesus and you do not know who to ask, please leave a comment. I do screen all comments, and I won’t post anything you do not want posted. I can send you an e-mail with the information you desire. I most certainly will not post anyone’s e-mail. (Please see the Privacy Policy.)






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