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Happiness Is Watching For Squirrels

So, what is Always Rejoicing? To begin, I enjoy writing. I always have. My writing was mostly for me. Re-telling the stories of others and writing some of my own. Wicked (by Gregory Maguire) showed me that it was okay to take a famous story and rewrite it. I’ve always wondered about some of the stories in the Bible. The Magic Fruit was my first attempt at writing a story about Bible characters. That led to writing stories about talking animals. And then the gates opened and I began to write all sorts of stuff that, maybe, other people might enjoy reading.

Why “Always Rejoicing”? It’s because I struggled with St. Paul’s admonition to rejoice always. He said, (in effect) “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice.” There have been many times when I did not want to rejoice in anything. Especially God. Once I began to understand what St. Paul was actually talking about, I began to accept his admonition. And so I try to write things that are based on “Joy”.

Some of the items posted here are such that you may not see them as “joyful”. And, in the common, worldly sense of the word, that’s true. But “JOY” is not something that makes you laugh. This is not a comedy site. I do try to include as much humor as I can. So you will find some funny material. You may even find a bad pun. But that’s not “JOY”. Things that we view as “funny” vary with individuals and with culture. “JOY” is not an emotion. It is a spiritual state. It is that place where we feel Heaven. It’s what St. Paul meant when he told the Philippians to “rejoice in the Lord, always”. The items posted here should, in some way, point toward Heaven and Joy. Unsure? Questions? Please leave a comment. I’ll do my best to respond in a helpful manner.

Pagans, I’m not going to force Christianity on you. Feel free to read the stories and essays posted here with complete confidence that you can, with diligence, maintain your pagan notions. However, if you do stumble into Truth and decide to seek Jesus, that’s a bonus for you!

In addition to the stories, essays and poetry you’ll find here, there are two two “sibling sites”. One is called Forever Stone where you can find a discussion on The Bride of Christ. The New Testament has numerous references to the Church acting as one, as The Body of Christ. See Acts 1:14 and other verses… Through the device of an ‘adventure’ some aspects of the nature of The Body of Christ are explored. The Holy Spirit is guiding these adventures. I can certainly tell you that it is going places I never expected.

Third, there is a Bible Study. Writing stories like “The Fifth Commandment” are definitely done with Bible study and I did a large amount of studying the Bible to write “The Priesthood of All Believers” for the Forever Stone site; however, I sometimes take a look at specific books of the Bible and write some comments about them.

So, there’s a lot of content here. This site was officially launched in July of 2019. Some of the things posted here were written many years ago. Others are very recent. And it’s a lot of work to keep adding to all three sections. But it’s also fun. Plus, I truly believe I’m writing what the Lord wants me to write. That makes it even more fun.

Technical Stuff:

There are two menus. At the top is a general menu that will give you access to all of Always Rejoicing. In the sidebar is something called the “Category Menu”. Clicking/tapping on a category will display a page with all of the stories/essays in that category along with a short explanation of the story/essay.

Located under/near the Category Menu you should find Recent Posts, a ‘box’ with links to websites I think are interesting, including “GodSaidWriteBlog” which is a friend’s blog. Finally, I have included a short biography.

On phones & tablets, near the top of the page, the standard three bar menu icon should be visible. The category menu and other information usually appears when you scroll all the way down the page.

The site is open for anyone to read. Comments are encouraged. However, to comment you must register. You need a User Name, Password and e-mail address. Registration helps protect this site from “Agents of Chaos”. I will try to properly respond to your comments. There is a Privacy Policy for this website domain. You can find it here: (Please see the Privacy Policy.) All comments are screened before they are posted.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that almost everything posted here is fiction or my personal opinion. The illustrations are (as best as I can determine) public domain. I do my best to give proper credit. Please do likewise. I have based some stories on Biblical characters or events. These stories are fiction, or “historical fiction”. While I make every effort to reflect what the Bible says—to avoid heresy—I am using poetic license in order to tell the story. Enjoy the stories and other items I have written just as you enjoy Lord of the Rings or The Ten Commandments movie. If you do find spiritual advice in what I have written, please confirm that advice with Holy Scripture and your pastor.

If you want to know where to start, try “Walking On Oil”. “The Three Little Pigs” is another of my favorite tales. I think my best story is “The Fifth Commandment”. I’d also recommend the essay “Commercialized Christmas: It’s Not What You Think!”

Rejoice Always!



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