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Meditation: Philippians 2:5-11

Meditation: Philippians 2:5-11

My attitude should be as Jesus Christ
Who made himself obedient sacrifice
Not employing His Divinity
To advantage His Humanity
By lording His Divine Majesty
Over us.

Humbly he assumed the role
Divinely anointed
Wore servant nature like a stole
Obediently appointed
To death upon the Cross.

Incarnate in the saving Christmas plan
Divine and Human fully in one man
Grasping not Divine equality
A knave serving in humility
Immanuel the king in poverty
God with us.

Obedient hands and feet were nailed
Divinely anointed
His Name the Name that shall be hailed
Obedience appointed
That every knee shall bow

Exalted by His Father with the Name
Every knee shall bow and tongue proclaim
Those who know Him they confess Him now
Some don't know Him they deny Him now
When before Him all in awe will bow

His name the name above all other names
Honored throughout the mountains and the plains
Every tongue in fear or adoration
Shall honor Him as Lord of all Creation
So make a joyful noise unto the LORD

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