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Currently on Always Rejoicing

Currently on Always Rejoicing

1 September 2020

First, I do ask for your prayers. Please pray for me, that I will hear and obey the Holy Spirit as He guides me in writing for this site. And I pray for you, that you will find JOY.

The Bible Study of Tobit is complete, as is an essay on the Apocrypha. In that essay you will see some of the ideas from ForeverStone.  That’s okay.  While writing that essay on the Apocrypha I realized that all of AlwaysRejoicing is concerned, in one way or another, with the idea of Church Unity.

The ForeverStone “Priesthood” adventure is, after a year of trying to write it, completed. I know it does not answer all the questions it raised. But that was never the intent. I do hope you get a better understanding of what the Priesthood of All Believers means. This subject is not complete. More will be posted about the topic. 

“The Fifth Commandment” is finally posted on AlwaysRejoicing.  The plan, subject to Holy Spirit approval, is to continue the stories in the “Staley’s Store” series. 

I’m pondering two Bible Studies: Jeremiah and 1st Corinthians. I ask your prayers as to which book and guidance in the design of the study. 

Finally, I’ve added this to all three sites so you can easily see what’s changed.

That’s the current status of

Rejoice Always!


1 September 2020

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