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 { I wrote this a few months after Hurricane Michael destroyed parts of Florida and Alabama. I grew up dealing with hurricanes. This is an effort to capture how a person might feel after one of these storms.}


Puddles fluoresce in now brilliant sunshine

We wade through them in agony and awe;

Broken structures ache

We hear their moans of creaking as wind still insults them;

Yesterday’s treasures now wastes of trash

That lie in piles

Soon to reek an acrid smell;

Sky still freaky ugly turquoise

Lost clouds, left behind, fly confused;

We marvel at destructive design

Weird beauty left scattered

By Wind

By Wave

By Weather

By Indiscriminate Chance.

Michael you have left a mess

Go join your sister Florence

In Atlantic dissipation:

We remain to struggle

To Rebuild

In The 


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