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The Flaw In The Universe

Ever wonder why things never seem “right”? Ever think the universe is somehow not quite the organized, neatly working system that Science and Religion claim? Ever feel like life is futile?
Science seems to be telling us that chaos is normal. Religion tells us that the gods can help us. Both seem wrong. How do we make sense of it all?
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One of the best things about Church of the Resurrection is the way we celebrate Easter. For us, Holy Week means much more than just the end of Lent or the opportunity to visit with family and/or friends while the children hunt colored eggs. Yes, we enjoy those things. In fact, our celebration of Holy Week specifically contains those things. But it contains much more.
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Commercialized Christmas: It’s not what you think!

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Every year, as soon as the stores begin to display Christmas themed products, some people begin to whine about how Christmas has been commercialized…Like many, I used to think we had let our sinful natures destroy this beautiful Holy Day. And then I complained to God about it…