A Short Morning Prayer: The Armor of God

Good morning, Father!                Good morning, Jesus!                               Good morning Holy Spirit! Romans 12:1-2      Heavenly Father, according to your Word, I present my body as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable in your sight. Let my behavior conform to your model, Jesus, and not to the world around me. Isaiah 61:3 & Colossians 3:12      As I prepare to face the world, Father, anoint my hair with the oil of your  joy. Clothe me with compassion and humility. Cover me with a garment of praise for you and, as a garland of beauty, give me loving smile. Ephesians 6:14-18… Continue reading


One of the best things about Church of the Resurrection is the way we celebrate Easter. For us, Holy Week means much more than just the end of Lent or the opportunity to visit with family and/or friends while the children hunt colored eggs. Yes, we enjoy those things. In fact, our celebration of Holy Week specifically contains those things. But it contains much more. Continue reading

The Armor of God–A Morning Prayer with commentary.

My wife and I were first introduced to this prayer at a Walk to Emmaus Weekend. After pondering and prayer I modified the original, specifically for our personal use. It never occurred to me to share it, as I am a layperson and have no real theological training. It was when our church did a Bible Study on the Armor of God that I realized it might be good to share this prayer with them. However, I was reluctant because I had changed some things. I finally realized that the Lord wanted me to share this prayer, with my comments about each section. So here are my comments. Continue reading

Commercialized Christmas: It’s not what you think!

Every year, as soon as the stores begin to display Christmas themed products, some people begin to whine about how Christmas has been commercialized…Like many, I used to think we had let our sinful natures destroy this beautiful Holy Day. Now, I think otherwise. Continue reading