Staley’s Store Introduction

This originally was to be a series of short stories that revolved around a place called “Staley’s Store”. Every story was to be independent, linked only by the fact that each story had at least one scene at Staley’s Store. Somewhere along the way, a plot developed. You may read the stories in this series in any order; however, your reading might flow better if you read them in menu sequence. A few stories are almost like a “GIF” photo. Just a few moments to paint a scene. There might not even be a dramatic moment or climax. It is… Continue reading

Henny Penny & Chicken Little

This is a parable about talking animals and self-reliance. It is a sad tale, but it needs to be told. Neither the original Chicken Little nor the original Henny Penny had happy endings. Not all parables have happy endings. But we can learn from them. Plus, it’s not actually true, it’s just a story, a parable. Continue reading

The Magic Fruit

We know this story–or we think we do. C. S. Lewis did a great job with “Perelandra”…but I wanted to look at the story from Adam’s viewpoint. I was surprised when I reread the story that God did not tell Eve to avoid the tree, He only told Adam. And, of course, the talking animals are my fantasy…but the Bible does tell us that the ‘snake’ did talk. I began writing this before 2010 and finished it in 2017. It should have nothing theological that is not orthodox. However, you should read it for entertainment. It is not scripture. As I say elsewhere, read it as historical fiction. Continue reading