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Always Rejoicing

Welcome to Always Rejoicing!

This site is not a typical “blog”: it is rather like a book. You might call it a “collected works” website. Inside you will find short stories, poems and essays.

There are no ads here! No one is going to try to sell you anything. I set this up so I could make my writing available to everyone. Every story, poem or essay was written by me, Uisdean.  Some pictures are mine. Others are, as best as I can determine, public domain and I’ve supplied the credits for the artists. Please respect the rights of the writers and artists.

If you click on the sliding banner, it will take you to that “category” of stories. There’s a menu at the top of most pages and a “Table of Contents” in a sidebar on many of the other pages. This page is the “Home Page”. Click on the Celtic Cross at the top of the page to return here. Below you’ll find a few buttons or links to some featured stories & essays & poems. Further down the page are ‘portals’ to registration & other information. Below that you’ll find details on the technical aspects of navigating this site. 

Oh, yeah, if you leave your mouse pointer on the sliding banner it will stop sliding.