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Welcome to Always Rejoicing!

Welcome to Always Rejoicing! Here you will find original short stories written by me, Uisdean.

First, you might want to know what you’ll find here. I make every attempt to keep my writing ‘honest’. That means I’m just telling a story, not trying to trick you into believing any of my opinions. So, when I retell the story of The Three Little Pigs, the plot does not stray from the central ideas of the original story. The same holds true, I hope, for the stories I’ve retold from the Bible. I claim my stories to be “original” even though some of them are the retelling of older stories. Shakespeare and Disney made their careers retelling older tales. It’s an honorable method of storytelling. 

Second, I suppose, you’ll want to know about the author of this website. If you scroll down, you’ll find a ‘portal’ or link to the biography page. Or you can click here:  About Uisdean 

Currently on Always Rejoicing provides info on the stories or essays recently posted.

The stories vary from the drama of Seeing Red to the satire/comedy of  The Three Little Pigs. One of my favorite poems is Alternity While it is more or less a sort of story, it should be read out loud, as a poem, with a sense of urgency and raw reality. Some of the essays (you might think of them as ‘blog posts’) are about fantasy stories. The category “Whistling Dixie” contains a few essays that are odd. One of them compares Darth Vader with Dorothy Gale.

FYI: I built this site myself. More about that here. As a result, the menu at the top of this page is a bit ‘quirky’. You may find some other odd links or designs, as well as a couple of typographical errors. Feel free to notify me of anything odd through the comments.

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Rejoice Always!