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About Ùisdean…

I’ve known God for a long time, but only in the past 20 years have I really got to know Him. I can tell you that there’s nothing about me that’s anywhere near as interesting as He is. But since you asked, I’m an old man. I am married to a beautiful lady. East Carolina by birth; Clan Gordon by marriage. So I put vinegar on my BBQ and drink Scotch and dark ale. I am extremely prejudiced about BBQ, Scotch and dark ale. Otherwise, I’ll try to listen to your viewpoint, even if it’s wrong… 😛 

My sense of humor leans toward puns, satire, paradox and irony. I dislike ridicule and derision as they are demeaning and can be cruel.

I served in the U. S. Navy. Got to see the Atlantic, including Brazil, the Caribbean, England, Scotland and Germany, and the Mediterranean. (There’s very few that serve on a ship in the Atlantic that don’t see the Mediterranean.)  I drove a tractor-trailer for a few years and got to see much of the USA. Spent a time in retail sales, too. 

My favorite authors are C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Stephen Lawhead and Ayn Rand. Three Christians and an Atheist. G. K. Chesterton, Gregory Maguire and Christopher Paolini are also favorites. I enjoy ‘who-dunnits’ by a ton of writers, including Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Sir A. C. Doyle, et cetera. The British seem to produce some of the best who-dunnits. Father Brown and Midsomer Murders are two of the best. We have one cat, a Siamese mixed breed and one dog, possibly an American Eskimo (Eskie) mix. Sometimes I think the two of them are smarter than the two of us.

There used to be a 10 minute program on PBS about the night sky. The astronomer that hosted it aroused my interest in the origins of Halloween. Stephen Lawhead got me interested in the Celtic culture, especially as it relates to Christianity. I still think that the Celtic method of marking the seasons is much better than the Roman method. I’ll try to explain that sometime.

As for my religion, I try to follow Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah. Some would call me a Christian. Like many Americans, I grew up in a mainstream evangelical denomination. I dropped church for a while, pursuing “fun”; but God called me back and, after much searching, I found that no denomination actually follows the Bible. I also learned that this does not bother God a whole lot. The church I now attend works hard, really makes the effort to follow scripture. Most of the time they do a better job of that than I do. 😆 

Oh, yeah, ‘Ùisdean’ is Scots Gaelic. It means ‘always stone’ or ‘forever stone’ & it is pronounced to rhyme with ‘ocean’…so “ewisjun” (the D has a J sound).