Stories, Essays, Poems, all pointing to JOY
Always Rejoicing

What Is Always Rejoicing?

So, what is Always Rejoicing?  Original stories…well, mostly original. You’ll find the “Three Little Pigs” here, but not the story you know. In my story, they are plumbers. You’ll find stories about a red car, a useless slave, a son whose father is an evil king, an ‘alternative’ poem, a different perspective on Christmas, thoughts on a shoeshine, reviews of a few books, all of which, I hope, point to JOY.

“Joy” is not “Happiness”. Happiness is an emotion. Joy is a state of being. Happiness is ephemeral. Joy is eternal. Through stories and essays and poetry this site hopes to point toward that state of being that is “JOY”. Many of the characters in these stories have not found Joy. Some never find it. Some are so filled with Joy that you might find them singing.

Pagans, I’m not going to force Christianity on you. Feel free to read the stories and essays posted here with complete confidence that you can, with diligence, maintain your pagan notions. However, if you do stumble into Truth and decide to seek Jesus, that’s a bonus for you! 🙂 

In addition to the stories, essays and poetry you’ll find here, there are two two “sibling sites”. Click on “MORE” in the menu. One, called Forever Stone, is a series of essays, usually in the form of an adventure that seeks to explore Unity in The Bride of Christ. The other site is a Bible Study