I Phillip Harrison had met the priest only once, briefly. That accidental meeting resulted in some very positive results; well, from Phillip’s perspective it was positive. It began a series of events that produced the box of papers he was carrying. He stepped up on the porch of the little cottage that was the priest’s home and stared at the door. He was a bit worried about this meeting. The contents of the box might not be well received. Also, the priest had a strange nickname. Willy Smith’s son had said that everyone called him ‘Kermit’ which was, Phillip thought,… Continue reading

Currently on Always Rejoicing

1 September 2020 First, I do ask for your prayers. Please pray for me, that I will hear and obey the Holy Spirit as He guides me in writing for this site. And I pray for you, that you will find JOY. The Bible Study of Tobit is complete, as is an essay on the Apocrypha. In that essay you will see some of the ideas from ForeverStone.  That’s okay.  While writing that essay on the Apocrypha I realized that all of AlwaysRejoicing is concerned, in one way or another, with the idea of Church Unity. The ForeverStone “Priesthood” adventure is, after a… Continue reading

Rain Dance

Inspiration is an odd thing: I was reading the reviews online for a pair of shoes and found a review written by a mom about buying the shoes for her son. She was praising the shoes for being waterproof sneakers. I wondered what her son thought. Continue reading

The Fifth Commandment

The story of King David is one of the great stories of history. This retelling is from the viewpoint of Prince Jonathan, the son of King Saul. It examines the relationship of Jonathan and his father, asking how to obey the 5th commandment when one’s father is not very honorable. I worked on this idea for decades, never getting the format to flow. The story began to work around 2010 and has been polished many times. I do hope you enjoy it. Continue reading