Staley’s Store Introduction

This originally was to be a series of short stories that revolved around a place called “Staley’s Store”. Every story was to be independent, linked only by the fact that each story had at least one scene at Staley’s Store. Somewhere along the way, a plot developed for the series of stories. So, now, it might be better to read the stories in sequence. And, of course, one thing leads to another: so there are several plots. I guess this is actually some form of a novel, rather than a collection of stories.   In order to keep my stories straight,… Continue reading

Henny Penny & Chicken Little

This is a parable about talking animals and self-reliance. It is a sad tale, but it needs to be told. Neither the original Chicken Little nor the original Henny Penny had happy endings. Not all parables have happy endings. But we can learn from them. Plus, it’s not actually true, it’s just a story, a parable. Continue reading